Give your Fitness Club a £100k* windfall!


Benefit from the financial potential of personal training, small group training, weekly gym clinics, events, member holidays, reprogrammes, specialist training groups, 6-week programmes and many more.

S.M.A.R.T. Fitness Services

No. 1 Fitness Club Tool for Improved Member Experience and Retention


You'll enjoy:

√ Massive Boost on Secondary Spend

√ Ready-to-go email-driven programmes

√ A programme proven to work with over 20 fitness clubs

√ 60-day money-back guarantee




No fluff. It simply works for you, or you don't pay!

*based on 1000-member clubs


Limited number of starter clubs!

Imagine ...

  • If you could double or treble your members' annual secondary spend, how happy would your boss be?


  • What if you could retain more members per quarter by re-engaging 'sleepers', all keen to enjoy a range of targeted fitness programmes?
  • Imagine new members' delight with a range of starter programmes chosen according to exercise records and abilities: a training motivation that could put your club streets ahead of the competition?
  • Think of the delight of your personal trainers when they can advertise their skills and services to your members 24/7, for their own financial gain and the satisfaction of helping customers stay active?


  • And your members? They'll be overjoyed by a club that not only remembers them if they fall off the exercise wagon, but tracks them down before their sleep-state becomes comatose.

It's time to get S.M.A.R.T. At your Club

Happy Customers

Buying more




We'll design, supply, support and maintain all this good stuff for just one amazing-value monthly management fee.


... and don't forget our double-whammy promise to you:

• NO lengthy contract of hire – 90 days will do us

• Unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee on all starter clubs

Will YOUR club be in the frame next month?


Don't delay. Contact us before your competition.


We'll discuss the programme with you and see if we can reserve one of the available spots in your area. We can then discuss this year's possible start times.

✆ Call me

Duncan Green on

 0207 917 2780

Managing Director

Momentum Business Development



Sounds too good to be true?


The only downside is that the intensity of preparation limits us to starting only a few clubs at a time.

Also, we only take ONE club in any given geographical catchment area.




We reckon you've seen it all. You've read the research on successful member retention. You've done the seminars on customer focus. You understand the problems of member engagement, and the damage done by a constant turnover of personal trainers.


You know that future success will be based on giving customers a more varied exercise experience than they've enjoyed to date. That the successful club of the future will appeal to a wider exercise population, attracted by specific service, not low price.


Now you've done the math, isn't it time to give your members what they want?


  • S.M.A.R.T. Fitness is not just another customer tracking system.

  •  S.M.A.R.T. Fitness is the business class of customer service for your fitness club members.





Here’s what you get as a S.M.A.R.T. Fitness services club:

  • A branded, customised website pre-loaded with more than 50 chargeable fitness services (personal training, small group training, weekly gym clinics, events, member holidays, reprogrammes, specialist training groups, 6-week programmes and many more)
  • We'll make sure the site is seamlessly plugged in to your existing club website
  • A built-in data-capture function so your members can register their interest in the fitness activities they fancy
  • A built-in email platform so you can promote easily and directly to your members
  • A quarterly online promotional system, 'Reactivation Fortnight', to re-engage your sleeping members and turn them back into serious fans
  • Purpose-built PT pages to let your members select and easily contact their trainer of choice
  • An integral online event booking system to help you run your member and guest days
  • 24/7 support from us to ensure the platform generates the revenues you want
  • Full design support to make changes to personal trainers, programmes, activities and events when you need
  • Full start-up and ongoing training to get your team website-ready
  • Template emails to relieve the headaches of services marketing
  • Professionally-produced fitness programme resources to add value to your programmes (access to a complete catalogue of promotional artwork for banners, posters and flyers to support all programmes)
  • Ongoing video and offline training support on how to maximise programme effectiveness



A branded, customized website

Secure Double opt-in  Data capture

Built-in Email & SMS Platform

'Reactivation Fortnight'  Page

Personal Training  Pages

Online Event Booking System

All the support that you need


Email Template

Promotional Artwork

Offline and Online Training

PS: S.M.A.R.T. exercise is the perfect solution for YOUR Club: a revenue-generating turnkey online fitness services system, and the only one GUARANTEED. In short, S.M.A.R.T. will be PROFITABLE for your fitness club, or you simply DON'T PAY.

Adding Quality to the Member Experience


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